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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Happy Easter Religious Quotes 2017 Funny Easter Quotes and Sayings

Happy Easter 2017: Most of the Christians refer the week before Easter as a Holy week. The Easter season begins on the Easter Sunday and lasts seven weeks, ending with the coming of the fiftieth day. Easter day customs vary across the Christians around the world. Nevertheless, the Easter lily is a symbol of the resurrection where these symbols can be exchanged with one another with hugs and smiles. This affection between each other gives you a hope for tomorrow. Our hearts would be filled with gladness and presence when we come together to sing and rejoice the Happy Easter 2017.

Happy Easter Quotes 2017

Easter is a time of celebration and happiness. Make this Easter memorable by wishing all your family and friends with happy Easter quotes. Be very thankful to the Lord for what he has given us and for he has given us another chance to become a good person. Easter is a time to be celebrated with love and peace. Let all your near and dear know you remember them on this day by your warm wishes through Easter quotes

Happy Easter quotes are a way to convey your feelings from your heart in the form of words. May your joy multiply with these quotes

Religious Happy Easter quotes

Easter is a time to celebrate. Easter is a time to remember the Lord. Easter is a time where one recollects all that Lord has done for the well being of our human lives. Easter is a time to get inspired again from all that Christ has told. Christ has left behind all his sayings in the form of that Holy Bible. 

Let everyone have a memorable Easter by your greetings in the form of quotes from the Holy Bible. Let everyone know you remember them in the time of joy. Wish all your family and friends with religious Easter quotes from the Holy Bible to make their day even more cheerful.

Funny Easter Quotes:

Easter is a festival of celebration and joy. Let’s make it more exciting with the new quotes available for this Easter 2017. Easter has always been liked from the kids to oldies. Similarly, there are inspirational quotes available for the different age groups and genres. 

Parallel to the inspirational quotes, one can also gift their loved ones with the Funny Easter quotes which make the gift more pleasing and decorative. The toddlers who love to play with the soft toys and cartoons can be gifted with the cute Easter quotes which have the bunny, tweety, lonely, Tommy or even Jerry printed on them.



  1. This year Good Friday falls on April 14 and Easter Monday is on April 17 – while the school break is two weeks long. The celebration for most younger will be a four-day end of the week as Good Friday and Easter Monday are similarly bank events. For those with youngsters, the school events this year are Friday, March 31 to Monday, April 17, regardless of the way that these may vacillate from school to class.

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